What We Believe

As Torah pursuant believers in Y’shua, we are not your typical missionary breed.  While we would never discount our past experiences with the Christian Institutions we raised in, we have come to understand there is a lot more to the Word of Yahweh (the LORD).  Our desire is to not only share the Good News of salvation through faith by favor in the shed blood of our Messiah but to also learn just what it means to walk in “the way” of our Messiah.  We strive to walk as He walked and compel others to do the same.  We are lovers of truth and believe that ultimately everything in this walk of faith is rooted in understanding and submitting to Yahweh’s direct and delegated authority and the call to covenant both with our Master and with our brothers and sisters who also walk by faith!  The Scriptures are the very foundation of our lives and we strive to live submitted to the authority of the Word.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to add them to this blog, the link above or email us at rnjmcduffie@yahoo.com

Shalom, shalom

Robert & Jenn McDuffie


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