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In the beginning verses of Genesis 12 we read about how Yahweh (the LORD) sent Abram, whose name was later changed to Abraham, to a land that he did not know, to a people he did not know.  Abram had to fully trust in Yahweh to lead and guide him along this journey.  Abraham’s call was one that required him to leave and never return.  However, Yahweh gave a promise to Abraham that is still being fulfilled today.

Not too many people would be excited about receiving an Abraham call in their live.  However, in November of 2008 my husband heard the voice of Yahweh telling Him that he was suppose to go to South Africa as a missionary, to a land he did not know and to a people he did not know.  He was riding along with a dear friend who was sharing with him about his brother, who travels and ministers in South Africa six months of the year.  His friend told him that he knew if Robert went with his brother that he would never want to return to the United States.  In that moment, Robert testifies that he ‘heard’ the voice of the Spirit calling him to go and never return.

Just like Abraham, Robert was prepared to leave the country and begin this journey alone.  However, just as Yahweh gave Abraham his nephew Lot to go with him, Yahweh gave me to Robert to share this journey with him.  Upon first meeting Robert he shared with me that he had been called to the mission field of South Africa.  I shared with him that I too had felt a call to foreign missions since when I was a teenager.  I had truly given up on this dream as I couldn’t see how it would ever work out, but Yahweh had other plans.

After being married for a short 20 months we landed in Johannesburg, South Africa on October 19, 2010. In our 3+ years in South Africa facilitated the opening of  of many Yeshiva’s (Informal Learning Institutes) through out South Africa & Zambia.  We ministered the truth of the word in dozens of congregations.  We prayed a covenant prayer with hundreds to be converted into the faith.  We ministered in Botswana on 2 separate occasions, Bali Indonesia and twice in Zambia.

After returning to the US for almost 2 years, we felt the call to make the leap again.  This time we have traveled to Israel, South Africa, Bali, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Zambia.  Upon our entry into Zambia, we felt the Spirit drawing us here and prayed about whether we should return to continue building the fruitful ministry that we had started just 5 years ago.  Today, we proudly say that Zambian is our home and we continue to enjoy the journey of seeing our Father work in mysterious and miraculous ways as we walk in obedience to the call.  Zambia is a beautiful country with beautiful people and we love being able to call it “home”.

We know it is a blessing to be a vessel of Yahweh’s truth and we consider it our gift to be able to be a part of the experiences Yahweh is doing all over the world!

He is calling you to join Him in His work, 

will you answer the call?


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