The Awakening of the Bride


Since the beginning of 2013, the Heavenly Father began to burn a prayer in our hearts; that He would prepare us, as the Bride of Yeshua, to receive Him with the esteem, honor and praise that He alone deserves.  As He burned this prayer in our hearts and we proclaimed it with all of our being, we began to experience Him confirming this word over and over again.  Surely, we are living in the days of the preparation of His Bride!!

We had only been in Jerusalem for about a week and had walked to the Old City a couple of  times right after our arrival.  So, you can imagine our surprise and awe when on Sept 24 we walked to the Old City again and saw a huge wedding dress hanging from the citadel at David’s tower at the entrance of the Jaffa gate leading into the Old City.  We knew the dress had to have been hung there over the last few days as it was not present when we previously traveled to the Old City.

The moment we saw it, the Spirit burned in our hearts.  We immediately got out our camera and took several pictures and sent them to some of our friends with the caption “It is almost as if the Bride is waving for the Groom to come and receive her”! We began inquiring with the locals where the dress had come from and no one seemed to know.  A few days later, I would discover the tower of David website and the meaning behind the dress.

(Rob has previously shared in great detail the significance of this dress in His email titled Esther – The (Hidden) Bride.  If you did not receive this and would like to receive it then please request and we will send it to you.)

Often in the course of life, we can get so busy that our zeal, passion and desire for Abba, His Word, His works, etc  can began to be drowned out but then Abba does amazing things like this dress to re-ignite the zeal and passion in our hearts!  This dress became a reminder of just what the Father had been speaking to our hearts and what He had been calling us to proclaim – The Awakening of His Bride.

It was around the same time in 2013 that the revelation of the Blood Moons also began to grow with much anticipation of what these signs in the Heavens could hold for the land, the people and the nations as a whole – especially coupled with the revelations of Johnathan Cahn and the patterns of the Shemitah.

Being in the land and having the opportunity to observe the final Tetrad blood moon on September 28 was something we were not going to miss.  There are many who would have paid top dollar to have such an opportunity.  We made plans with friends we met the first day we were here in the land who are also from the states and set out for our all night extravaganza.  We wouldn’t be disappointed!  It was a great night of fellowship as we experienced one Heavenly encounter after another and of course watched as the blood moon evolved and then quickly disappeared.

(By the way – if you are sharing pictures of a blood moon above the Western Wall, then you are sharing a photo crop or previous year as the blood moon was not visible from that angle – but from the complete opposite.)

There was great anticipation and much speculation as to what this blood moon could mean.  There were some who mocked and ridiculed and even out right declared no prophetic significance to these signs.  So, when seemingly nothing earth shattering happened on the night of the blood moon or directly following it, those nay-sayers were sure to rub it in that they were right.

I did not know what to expect that night and afterward was praying, asking Yahweh just what was He trying to do through the revelation of all these signs? Of course, His answer to my prayer was just one more confirmation of the times we are living in.  He spoke to my heart and said, “I am awakening the Bride!”

All over the world, His people – the Bride of His Son – have awakened to His appointed times because He has been declaring them from the Heavens! For the first time ever, complete strangers are talking on the streets about the Feast of Trumpets, the Passover, etc because Yahweh is awakening His Bride to His times!

Never before has the body of believers – in every sect, denomination, etc – awakening to the reality that the time is short and the hour is at hand.  Only Yahweh knows for certain what lies ahead and the finality of His perfect timing in it all but one thing is sure – it is soon and very soon – because He is awakening the Bride and preparing her to receive the Heavenly Groom with the esteem, honor and praise that He alone is worth to receive!

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And he who hears, let him say, “Come!” And he who thirsts, come! And he who desires it, take the water of life without paying! Revelation 22:17


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