Shalom Aleichem (Peace unto you) from Jerusalem, Israel.

It is a joy to be writing this letter to you from the heart of Jerusalem (this original letter was written in September of 2015) where we are staying in a small flat during our duration here.  It’s been just over a week since our feet set foot in the land of Israel but the journey to Israel started several years ago (2012) when we began to have a desire to go to the land to pray and intercede on behalf of the people, the land and the nations.  We kept this desire mostly to ourselves as we waited upon Yahweh to direct our steps.

In June of this year, after an intense time of prayer and fasting as a family, we knew that now was the time Abba was calling us to go to the land.  We applied to go with a ministry that friends of ours had previously partnered with – in order to minister to the people of Israel last year. However, as of the end of August we learned that any opportunity to serve with this ministry would indefinitely be closed to us.  Despite that particular door closing to us, the closer we got to the fall Feast Days (Leviticus 23) the more we sensed the burning to go.  We continued to pray and seek Abba as to the timing of this calling as we did not want to run ahead or to fall behind of His perfect timing.  We did not want to do anything of our own desire.

Amazingly, through many circumstances Abba hand picked the 17th and 18th of the month for us to begin this adventure.  We knew that His hand was upon us as we have a history of Him moving us on the 17th & 18th and we believe by our calculations that this was the 8th such time in a matter of 5 years. So on the 17th of September, we checked in for our long flight to Israel and the following day, we set our feet in the land of Israel, ready for this grand adventure with anticipation for all that Abba was going to speak and do in and through us in Ha Eretz (the Land).

Since our arrival, Abba has been directing our steps as we seek Him in prayer and the leading of the Ruach.  Many testimonies to come in the next letter.  Our first couple of days were spent in walking the streets of the Old City and praying for the people, the land and the nations.  In the pictures you can see pictures of the land, Rob & I exploring the city of David where we believe based on the research of Dr. Earnest L. Martin that the Temple stood and not where the Temple Mount currently sets.

We have also had the experience of shopping in the Mahane Yehudah Market known here as “The Shuk” where most everyone comes to buy the majority of their groceries.  I, personally, love shopping at the open market even though on Friday’s and the days before the High Sabbaths are beginning it is very busy as many people are shopping in preparation for the Shabbat.  I buy all my vegetables, meat, and bread for Shabbat at the Shuk.  Pita and hummus is a big part of most meals as well as the yummy Israeli salad!

Speaking of Sabbath, it is truly a joy for Rob & I to be here and experience a city that mostly observes the Shabbat. We have been attending a local Messianic synagogue and have literally met people from all over the world.  UK, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, USA, and beyond!

Lastly, Rob and I had the opportunity of visiting a local shop called Shorashim where we met the owner, Moshe’.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk him.  He is an Orthodox Jew that is very open to discussions and has met many believers all over the world and had many discussions about Mashiach (Messiah).

At Shorashim, Rob & I were able to purchase wedding bands for the first time since we married almost 7 years ago.  When we first married, we chose not to buy bands and invest those funds into the Kingdom.  Several years ago, I told Rob that if we ever got wedding bands then I would want the kind with Hebrew writing on them.  Our bands were not expensive in the least but they were valuable in fulfilling the desires of my heart.  Rob’s band has the writing of the Shema – “Hear O Yisrael, YHWH our Elohim, YHWH is one” – and mine is the virtuous woman from Proverbs 31 as Rob says I’m a virtuous wife.  What a treasure!

We are certainly blessed to be here and continue to be amazed by Abba’s hand upon us, leading us and directing our steps as we continue to seek Him in all that He wants to do.

Please continue to pray for us, the land, the people and all the nations.  Surely we are living in the final days and all around we can see evil at work but I know the promises of His word that He will overcome (and we will overcome through Him) in the end! Baruch HaShem YHWH.  (Blessed be the name of Yahweh).

Shalom and many blessings,
Robert & Jenn

PS.  Please email us with any specific prayer requests as we are interceding on all those who ask us to do so.


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